123 WISH

Win luxury items and unique experiences while supporting your favourite charities

123Wish, available in the Apple App Store, Google Play and www.123wish.com is a subscription-based, experience marketplace that focuses on providing users with exclusive opportunities to enjoy personalized, dream experiences with some of the world’s most renowned social media influencers including Super Influencer Jake Paul and Team 10 as well as celebrities, professional athletes, fashion designers, and artists while supporting a diverse range of charities.

The influencer or celebrity for each 123Wish experience selects a philanthropic cause to benefit or is randomly matched to a non-profit organization. Once the charitable contribution goal for an experience has been met and the designated timeframe for entry has expired, 123Wish randomly selects the winner who receives exclusive access to interact with the influencer or celebrity. Yet, everyone who enters wins a specialized gift for participation, which may include limited edition merchandise, gift cards or personalized video or voice messages from experience contributors.

% Interest Acquired


Exchange Agreement

 January 24, 2018

"Based on the detailed financial models we have analyzed, we remain confident that the acquisition will be accretive in 2018 and we expect 123Wish will generate significant revenue in 2018 commencing with the expected launch of scheduled experiences in the first and second quarters of 2018"

Mark White, One Horizon Group – Founder and CEO