September 27, 2018 mjadmin

OHGI’s Love Media House Secures up to $1 Million for Production of ‘Laundry Service’ Docuseries

MIAMI and LOS ANGELES, Sept. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — One Horizon Group’s (NASDAQ: OHGI) one-hundred percent owned subsidiary Love Media House (“LMH”) has entered into a definitive agreement to film and produce a six-episode docuseries of the life story of Ramon Milian Rodriguez and has also secured production funding from Black Hole Entertainment up to $1 million with an initial commitment of $250,000.

LMH has already completed the treatment and pre-production phase for the docuseries based around the life of the infamous money launderer, Ramon Milian Rodriguez. Rodriguez was the accountant for Pablo Escobar and Manuel Noriega and allegedly a covert operative for the CIA who was deeply entrenched in the famous Iran-contra scandal with Oliver North.

Reporting on Rodriguez’ testimony, The New York Times reported that Rodriguez moved approximately $11 billion in drug profits from secret safehouses around the United States run by the Colombian Medellin cartel, through Miami to Panama.  Rodriguez said he personally earned about $2 million to $3 million a month, and that toward the end of his career, he was laundering $200 million monthly.

Rodriguez was arrested on May 4, 1983, attempting to leave from Florida’s Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport on his Lear Jet to Panama with $5,447,949 in cash. Federal authorities also found on the plane his attaché case, containing detailed records pertaining to his money smuggling activities and documentation of his prior transportation to Panama of more than $146 million of dirty money between August 1982 and April 1983.

Rodriguez served a sentence of 25 years after his take down, which is documented in public recordings of C-Span hearings of his testimony before the U.S. Senate and former Senator and later presidential candidate, John Kerry. Rodriguez is now a free man and living in Miami, Florida.

After spending over 25 years in prison, Rodriguez said, “It was all about the money … the money was more addictive than drugs, power and corruption … at the end of the day, whoever had the most won.  Love Media House and OHGI understand my vision and I can’t wait for the world to hear my side of the story.”

“We are excited to commence production of ‘Laundry Service,’ beginning this October,” said Patricia Nieto, co-CEO of Love Media House.  “Although we have just completed pre-production, we have already been approached by multiple distributors and we are in conversations with various well-known streaming platforms who are interested in acquiring the rights for certain major markets.”

“We are proud of Love Media House for securing the funding for the production of a docuseries to tell Mr. Rodriguez’ version of this fascinating untold, real-life story,” said Mark White, Founder and CEO of OHGI. “We will be providing our shareholders with a further material business update, perhaps as early as tomorrow, and we will also be informing shareholders regarding developments with respect to previously announced transactions next week.”