June 29, 2018 mjadmin

One Horizon Provides Update on Love Media House

LONDON, MIAMI and LOS ANGELES, June 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — One Horizon Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:OHGI) today announced a business update with respect to its wholly-owned subsidiary Love Media House, Inc. (LMH), formerly called C-Rod, Inc.


The LMH team recently completed a commercial for The Lapel Project, a Shark Tank product backed by Mark Cuban, which LMH expects to go viral in the near future.

LMH has also reached an agreement to produce a six-series documentary about the life story and experiences of Ramon Milian Rodriguez, accountant to Pablo Escobar, which will tell the ‘real story’ as it has never been previously told.

For more information about Ramon Milian Rodriguez, please see the following from the Senate hearings as captured by C-SPAN:



Based on specific discussions that LMH has had with certain third-parties based on the project treatment and given industry metrics, OHGI expects that this project will generate not less than $1.5 million in income.

LMH continues to work with a number of highly regarded music artists and has had several music tracks as well as music videos chart in the top-ten on Billboard. One of its recently released videos has been viewed nearly 2 million times on YouTube.

LMH has entered into a 360-deal with a promising pop artist and will be releasing several new singles and shooting related music videos over the next few months.

LMH forecasts that it will generate at least an additional $300,000 from ongoing projects this year.

LMH and 123Wish

The management teams of LMH and 123Wish, a majority-owned subsidiary of OHGI, have been working closely together to create, develop and edit exclusive content to be launched on the 123Wish mobile App and website. The content to be released on 123Wish shall include the first seven 123Wish celebrity experiences as well as all future 123Wish experiences. In addition, the LMH team last week completed the filming of significant footage of some of the most widely regarded video and social media influencers during LMH and 123Wish’s collective participation in the 2018 Vidcon conference in Los Angeles, California. See: http://vidcon.com

“We are realizing significant cost-savings in terms of content creation for 123Wish given our acquisition of Love Media House,” said Mark White, One Horizon Group’s Founder and CEO. “With our exclusive rights to the 123Wish platform and the ability to efficiently and effectively create our own content, we are evaluating a number of new and exciting business opportunities.”