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University Research Proves One Horizon’s VoIP Software is Significantly More Efficient Than the World’s Leading VoIP Applications

LIMERICK, IRELAND — (Marketwired) — 02/07/17 — One Horizon Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: OHGI), a leading optimized mobile VoIP software provider for telecommunications operators, today announced the results of research1 into Voice over IP bandwidth usage for One Horizon’s software alongside the biggest smartphone VoIP technologies in the world including WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, and Skype.

The goal of this research1 paper, which was presented at the SOFSEM 2017 43rdInternational Conference, was to analyze how to improve mobile VoIP delivery through bandwidth optimizations. It benchmarked the world’s most popular broadband VoIP applications measuring the actual voice-data throughput; including the headers for the physical, datalink, network and transport layers. Using Skype as the baseline, One Horizon was shown to be 8.88x more efficient than the baseline. A clear winner against the biggest VoIP services in the world.

(kb/s) Optimization Factor
Horizon 12.76 8.88 x
WhatsApp 35.75 3.17 x
Viber 56.62 2.00 x
Facebook 67.10 1.69 x
WeChat 86.68 1.31 x
Hangouts 90.65 1.25 x
QQ 106.88 1.06 x
Skype 113.37 1.00 x

Lower bandwidth consumption means that One Horizon is the only viable mobile VoIP technology for lower throughput 2G and 3G cellular networks. The GSMA Association, a trade body that represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide, estimates that 6 billion people will still be connected to 2G or 3G cellular data networks in 20202. The combination of low-cost smartphones, a retro-compatible mobile VoIP service and the prevalence of slower cellular data networks in developing nations represents a significant commercial opportunity for One Horizon to license its patented software.

Brian Collins, CEO of One Horizon Group, stated, “Scientific research of this kind really serves to strengthen our position as the world’s leading optimized VoIP technology for smartphones. The developed world has benefitted massively from affordable VoIP calls using their fixed line infrastructure and, more recently, 4G broadband. However, developing nations rely on 2G and 3G networks to deliver Internet to smartphones and now, with our optimization technology, up to 6 billion users can finally avail of high-quality, affordable VoIP.”

Scientific best practice for this Ph. D. research was co-supervised by Dr. Le Gear of One Horizon Group.

SOFSEM (SOFtware SEMinar) is the annual international winter conference devoted to the theory and practice of computer science. SOFSEM aims to present the latest results and developments in research in academia and industry, in leading areas of computer science. The first SOFSEM was organized in 1974.

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